After creating an automatic Password Reset via the Conversion Wizard, the data is no longer required and can be deleted. The discovered entries have a link to the relevant Discovery Service Task that was executed and can be found and displayed using the filter function.

Deletion process

The discovered data in the Discovery Service cannot simply be deleted and removed from the Discovery Service entries. As the entries have a link to the Discovery Service Task, it is necessary to delete the discovered entries via the Discovery Service Task that was created. If entries were discovered using a joint Discovery Service Task, it is not possible to simply delete them. This is the case if two different users have carried out a scan on the same area. If you delete one of the two Discovery Service Task, only the entries that had a single link to this Discovery Service Task will be deleted. The entries for the other Discovery Service Task will be retained and must be deleted via the associated Discovery Service Task.
You can find out which Discovery Service Task found a particular entry by selecting the entry via the Conversion Wizard.

Deleting entries by changing the settings in the System Task

If the IP range for an existing Discovery Service Task is changed and the *Discovery Service Task is then executed for this new IP range, the previously discovered entries from the previous executed *Discovery Service Task will be deleted from the Discovery Service. If you want to carry out a Discovery Service Task for a different IP range, you should create a new Discovery Service Task. This will prevent any already discovered entries from being deleted. However, if the existing entries are no longer required, you can delete them by using the same Discovery Service Task with a different IP range.

  1. Task B only scans the IP address:
  2. Only the entries for the IP address are discovered
  3. Task A is changed and now scans the IP address:
  4. Result:
  5. Only the entries from the IP address are discovered
  6. Entries for IP address are deleted
  7. Exception:
  8. Task B scans the IP address:
  9. The same entries for IP address are discovered as for 1.
  10. A new scan using Task A with a different IP address will not delete the data from Task B

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