The entries for the Discovery Service are discovered using a Discovery Service Task. It can take some time for all the data on the systems for the entered IP network to be collected. This can be easily recognised by the blue arrow symbol on the Discovery Service Task and a corresponding message is also shown in the General” display. Once the *Discovery Service Task has been completed, the data will be shown in the Discovery Service module.

The Discovery Service Task needs to be carefully configured. The configurable sections are described below.

  1. Discovery Service Task: Display of the status: this can be updated in the preview and logbook using the F5 button.
    Red hand: Deactivated
    Blue arrow: Activated and being executed
    Boxes: Corresponds to the assigned tag
  2. General: The latest information about the Discovery Service Task is shown here. A message will be shown to indicate an active Discovery Service Task.
  3. Overview: Current data for the Discovery Service Task about its progress and subsequent executions are shown here.
  4. Logbook: The logbook can be found in the footer of the Discovery Service Task. The latest activities carried out by the Discovery Service Task are shown here.

Using the Discovery Service entries

The successful execution of a Discovery Service Task is a requirement for the Discovery Service entries. The discovered data is listed in table form in the Discovery Service module and can be correspondingly organised using the Discovery Service System Task filter.

  1. In this section, the Discovery Service entries that were discovered by the Discovery Service Task and selected for the Conversion Wizard are displayed.

Multiple selection of Discovery Service entries

If multiple entries are selected for a Password Reset, a corresponding number of passwords and Password Resets need to be added in the Conversion Wizard. Depending on the entries selected (service, Active Directory user, user account), it is necessary to carry out corresponding assignments in the Conversion Wizard for the passwords.

Every line must be connected to a password in the end. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out an assignment process in the Conversion Wizard for every entry.

For Active Directory users, it is possible to assign an existing password.

Filter settings

A good filter is required for processing the discovered data. A filter that has been adapted for this purpose is available for processing the entries in the Discovery Service module. The options in the filter are described below:

Description of the filter with the special options for the Discovery Service entries:

  1. Discovered type The discovered entries can be filtered here according to their type.
  2. Discovered system is resettable: Indicates whether a Password Reset can be created from the discovered data.
  3. Relevance: Grading the importance of the discovered system.
    A high relevance means that multiple services have been discovered for an Active Directory user or user account.
    Less important: Exactly one service was found
    Important: Two to nine services were found
    Very important: 10 or more services were found
    If a Password Reset has already been created, the relevance is downgraded to less important.
  4. Transferred as password: Indicates whether a password can be created via the Conversion Wizard
  5. Transferred as Password Reset: Indicates whether a Password Reset can be created via the Conversion Wizard
  6. Discovery service system tasks: The entries are filtered here based on the System Task.

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