The following client versions are compatible with AdminClient Version

  • Windows Client Version
  • WebClient Version (not recommended!)
  • WebClient Version
  • WebClient Version


  • A new user right “Can share personal passwords” has been added. If the user right is deactivated, it is not possible to authorize other users or roles on personal passwords.
  • A new system task “Disaster WebViewer export” has been implemented. A new user right for the task is also added.
  • A new user right to put out the deleted organisational units permanently has been added.
  • The database logbook can now be transferred to the Syslog server.
  • Additional responsible users for Active Directory profiles can now be set in Master Key mode. The additional responsible users can synchronize the Active Directory profile.
  • It is now possible to create new tags when creating and editing passwords at the WebClient.
  • Further user rights and settings are now taken into account at the WebClient.
  • The autologin can now also be used for Active Directory users in Master Key mode.
  • Sealed passwords are now symbolized in Reports of the type ‘All passwords’.
  • The multiple editing of permissions can now be used at the WebClient.
  • A new (password) setting “Exact domain check” to configure if passwords with the same domain in the URL will be displayed in the addons has been added.
  • The sealing functions are now available at the WebClient.
  • New settings to display or hide each tab in the footer have been added.
  • User rights and user settings can now be configured at the WebClient.
  • Password settings can now be opened and configured at the WebClient.
  • Password masking can now be set and removed at the WebClient.
  • A new user right “Can edit filter” has been added.
  • Load time is now displayed at the WebClient.
  • New module Discovery Service is now available.
  • Users can now change their password at the WebClient.
  • Database and user name can now be passed via URL parameters at the WebClient.
  • The images of the last users who changed the password are now displayed in the footer at the WebClient.
  • Notifications can now be configured at the WebClient.
  • Connected applications can now be managed at the WebClient.
  • External links can now be generated at the WebClient.
  • JavaScript and C # API are now available.
  • Logbook entries, notifications, session recordings and historical documents can now be cleaned up automatically via the AdminClient (by using the database administrator).
  • The simple mode for migration is now available. This can be selected after creating a new Database. In this mode all folders are automatically created as organisational units.
  • The password history is now available at the WebClient.


  • Interval configuration in the backup wizard will now be displayed correctly.
  • The capture of SSO applications and the automatic entry have been revised.
  • In Active Directory profiles it is now possible to configure additional responsible users or roles. That allows other users and roles to synchronize with the Active Directory profile.
  • The search when using negated filters has been improved.
  • The quick search in OfflineClient when using the Shortcut “CTRL+Q” has been improved.
  • The automatic entry can now also be used in RDP sessions in Password Safe. This requires a delay for about 500 ms (depends on the system) before actions in the script.
  • Adaptations were made to the system task “WebViewer export”, so password configuration is no longer needed.
  • Issuing errors when creating users and organisational units are now more detailed. If errors occure due to invalid settings or rights during creation, the user or the organisational unit is created without the invalid configuration.
  • At the AdminClient the backup type can now be selected via a combo box (previously checkbox) for backup profiles.
  • Log entries are now created when printing objects and using (SSO) applications.
  • The progress bar and error output at the WebClient has been improved.
  • The transfer of data from the clipboard for new passwords has been improved. Fields can now be copied, modified and be used when creating a new password. Copied fields from version 7 can now be used when creating new passwords in version 8.
  • The SSO Terminal service now generates logs in the Event log if the system is not a terminal server.
  • The configuration of columns (groups) is now saved.
  • The behaviour of the BaseConfig if an error appears has been improved. In addition, a more meaningful error message is now displayed for SQL Server login problems.
  • Naming of categories in log forwarding at the AdminClient has been improved.
  • Further adjustments were made to the seal.
  • Depending on the module, different filter groups are now available.
  • The horizontal scroll bar and the display in the organisational structure module have been improved.
  • It is now possible to use proxy when using authentication via Yubico (YubiKey).
  • When overwriting the permissions are now completely renewed (previously the executing user had to be retained in the permissions).
  • The membership can now also be set if the own user has rights via “Everyone” on other users.
  • The footer in the Client is now refreshed after “Reload all data” (CTRL + F5).
  • The text for opening a WebViewer file in the notification module has been adapted.
  • The appearance of forwarded Emails of WebViewer files has been adapted.
  • The manually creating of reports is now using the progress bar.
  • The performance when loading and displaying organisational units at the WebClient has been improved.
  • Several adjustments were made when activating a license.
  • When using ‘Change form’, the values can now be transferred between the fields ‘Host name’ and ‘Text’.
  • The layout of the WebClient has been improved for mobile devices.


  • Only user rights which are activated for the own user can be set/activated. Database administrators can still set all user rights.
  • When applying seals, the creator has to be authorized to issue release.
  • The manual WebViewer export via the backstage now uses the new WebViewer.
  • It is now possible to set users and roles as “sealed for” and “authorized to release issue”. Users and roles who both have a status can accept requests from others but have to request the seal release themselves.
  • The Internet Explorer Compatibility View is now automatically disabled for the WebClient.
  • The WebAccess has been removed completely.
  • During KeePass import, folders with the same name are now created multiple times as an organisational unit.
  • The user setting “Use permissions from organisational units for passwords” has been increased to security level 5 for new databases.
  • The SSL certificate for the WebClient is now automatically installed. The button to install the SSL certificate manually has been removed.
  • The right ‘delete’ is now required to delete users, organisational units or roles permanently.
  • For technical reasons, Master Key users can now only execute the WebViewer export with a self-defined password.


  • A crash when connecting an application with a password has been fixed.
  • Differential backups will be written into the same file as the matching full backup.
  • A bug when using automatic entry via shortcuts and multiple tabs with passwords has been fixed.
  • When changing the form of passwords, the permissions of the password fields are applied.
  • A bug during login to the WebClient if certain special characters are used in the password has been fixed.
  • The password generator is now hidden if the password is sealed for the current user.
  • A bug in the field assignment has been fixed if there are empty fields when importing CSV and KeePass files.
  • An incorrect plausibility check on AdminClient when changing the port of the Web Server configuration has been fixed.
  • The configuration of the number of password policy categories at the AdminClient is now saved correctly.
  • At the AdminClient the first backup profile is now visible after the creation.
  • The buttons to edit and delete a form field are greyed out at the WebClient if the setting “Apply form changes to passwords” is activated.
  • A bug that it was not possible to save rights templates in the permissions has been fixed.
  • A bug that no category could be selected at the AdminClient when configuring log forwarding has been fixed.
  • An error when setting memberships if the user only has permissions on the target user via a role has been fixed.
  • The password quality indicator now scales correctly at the WebClient.
  • A bug that the filter negation could not be set correctly when configuring reports has been fixed.
  • A bug when saving the expiration date for new documents has been fixed.
  • Several bugs when comparing passwords in the history have been fixed.
  • A bug that it was not possible to save a date with special values has been fixed.
  • Vowel mutations are now recognized as lowercase and uppercase letters during the policy check.
  • It is not possible anymore to restore the document history if the document history is deactivated in the setting.
  • A bug at the AdminClient that, after saving the base configuration again, incorrect SQL user credentials were transferred has been fixed.
  • The horizontal scrollbar in the organisational structure module now works even with nested structures.
  • Linked documents can now be opened by clicking on the URL field with UNC (network) path information.
  • The document history button is now hidden if the setting is disabled.
  • A bug that an incorrect static text was displayed on logbook entries of reports has been fixed.
  • Several bugs in the addons have been fixed.
  • A bug that it was not possible to delete passwords has been fixed.
  • It is now possible that the offline license can be activated via the wizard at the AdminClient.
  • Further adjustments were made to the layout of the Metropolis Themes.
  • An issue that it was not possible to reveal passwords after inheritance has been fixed.
  • A bug that ‘Everyone’ received all rights after performing Active Directory synchronization through system tasks has been fixed.
  • An issue that saving passwords (with a URL field) took longer if the SSO Agent is active has been fixed.
  • The password policy now checks for the correct plausibility at the AdminClient.
  • Several bugs when using Yubico authentication have been fixed.
  • Several bugs during import (CSV, KeePass) of passwords have been fixed.
  • A bug that tags were not set when using predefined rights has been fixed.
  • A bug that system tasks were executed twice in a particular constellation has been fixed.
  • A bug when importing organisational structures has been fixed.
  • Widgets with lists now display the correct headings.
  • Several bugs when exporting and importing CSV files have been fixed.
  • Several bugs in module ‘Documents’ have been fixed.

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