The following client versions are compatible with AdminClient Version

  • Windows Client Version
  • WebClient Version


  • Rollback feature for Password Resets is now available. When the password data associated with the Password Reset is invalid or can not be completely changed on the target system, the password changes will be undone.
  • Heartbeat feature is now available. Passwords associated with Password Resets can thus be checked for correctness.
  • Redirect of ‘http’ to ‘https’ have been implemented in the WebClient.
  • The modules Organisational structure, Roles and Forms are now at the WebClient available.
  • It is now possible at the WebClient to print passwords, organizational units, users and forms.
  • In the user settings and user rights is now displayed in which version new options have been added.
  • The WebSocket protocol will be now automatically installed and activated during the configuration of the WebClient.
  • The browser addon for Microsoft Edge can now be installed via the SSO Agent.


  • Login with Master Key users now works in the C# API.
  • Real time update now works when using “Everyone” in permissions.
  • If no standard database server is configured in the AdminClient, the standard database from the basic configuration will be used at the AdminClient start.
  • While refreshing in the browser addons a loading icon is displayed.
  • Certificates view at the AdminClient can now be updated/refreshed.
  • Improved error handling and the behavior when saving the basic configuration.
  • Improved the color selection for tags at the WebClient for a better use on mobile devices.


  • The modules are displayed as icons and controlled via the header on the WebClient.
  • Autofill of web pages is now prevented if multiple passwords are found for autofill. The password that should be used for autofill can be selected in the browser addon. Also a hint will be shown in the popup.


  • Fixed an issue at the WebClient when using “Exclude user name” in password policy.
  • Fixed an issue when using the notification “If newly created”.
  • Fixed an Active Directory synchronization bug that applied wrong permissions to Active Directory users.
  • Fixed a Discovery Service issue that not all elements were found in a particular constellation.
  • Password reset of services and local users now works if the user names have the spellings “.\Username”, “Username” or “XYZ\Username”.
  • Unusable filter groups in the Discovery Service module have been removed.
  • When activating ‘PKI: Force validity of certificate’ it is not anymore possible to use invalid Certificates.
  • RDP applications in full screen can now be moved.
  • Fixed an issue at session recording when rdp applications are started in full screen.
  • Fixed an issue that curly braces in texts were not transferred when executing scripts via keyboard shortcuts.
  • Minor issues at password resets has been fixed.
  • Fixed a WebViewer export issue that passwords with owner right were not exported.
  • Fixed an offline synchronization crash during synchronization of a huge amounts of data.
  • Fixed an issue that the web services did not start when restarting the Password Safe server.
  • Fixed a WebViewer export issue where huge amount of data caused a crash of the corresponding browser tab. The performance of the login at the WebViewer file has been improved.
  • Fixed an issue that ‘Export’ is not displayed in the Backstage when using the Essential edition.
  • Fixed a XSS security vulnerability at info field in the WebClient

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