The following client versions are compatible with AdminClient Version Version Hotfix 3

  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 1
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 2
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 3
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 1
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 2
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 3

Hotfix 2

  • PuTTY has been updated to version 0.71 to prevent possible security vulnerabilities.

New since Version

  • The LightClient is now available. Please find further informationon Documentation LightClient
  • The management of Active Directory profiles is now available at the WebClient. Import and synchronization can also be performed via WebClient.
  • The CSV export is now available at the WebClient.
  • Rights templates (Predefine rights) can now be managed at the WebClient.
  • After completion of a migration at the AdminClient, the indexes can be recreated to improve the performance.
  • It is now possible to connect applications with passwords via the module applications. It is also possible to start an application with specific login data you can search for.
  • The notification module is now available on the WebClient.
  • The logbook module is now available on the WebClient.
  • The RADIUS interface is now available. This can only be activated in master key mode for Active Directory profiles and be used for multi-factor authentication.
  • It is now possible to create new passwords using the browser add-ons
  • If you are logged in to the browser add-ons in server mode, you will be automatically logged in to the WebClient as well.
  • Image management for icons and logos is now available for the Client and WebClient.
  • KSP certificates are now supported.
  • Database profiles can now be distributed via HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry.
  • A parameter (IGNORE_TS_SERVICES=“1”) for setup to prevent installation of Terminal Server services has been added.
  • The password generator for creating phonetic and policy related passwords is available in the API.
  • The password generator is now available in the browser add-ons. This generates secure passwords and copies them directly to the clipboard.

Improvements since Version

  • At the WebClient you can now navigate to the permissions by clicking on “Public” or “Private” in the header.
  • Improved the Email address validation at the WebClient. Further different characters are now accepted.
  • Configured notifications are now also displayed in the WebClient.
  • In the WebClient filter, “Include subordinates” is now displayed directly below the selection of the organisational unit.
  • The form selection shows more clearly that this is only a preview.
  • The last selected organisational unit is now saved correctly in the structure filter and restored when the user logs on again.
  • Role memberships are displayed in the preview of users at the WebClient.
  • After changing the selection, revealed passwords are covered again at the WebClient.
  • The full text search can now be used in the application module.
  • Added temporary solution to close tray menus of clients. These can now be closed via “Close menu”.
  • At the WebClient, the last used form is now considered when creating new passwords.
  • Web applications can now be created via the client.
  • Improved the automatic entry (SSO) in the browser add-ons for websites (does not affect Internet Explorer).
  • When creating a WebViewer file, it is now possible to configure how many passwords are displayed in the list.
  • A static service address can be defined in the base configuration in expert mode.
  • Further text adjustments have been made.
  • It is now possible to use the browser add-ons in mixed mode (SSO agent or server mode). This allows to use the SSO for Windows applications via SSO agent and to create passwords on the Web via server mode at the same time.
  • Revised and extended the options of the browser add-ons.

Changes since Version

  • All texts with “Settings” renamed to “User settings”.
  • TLS 1.1 or 1.2 is now required by the real-time update service.
  • The database profiles from the WebClient are no longer automatically adopted to the browser add-ons.
  • The database profiles from the WebClient can be adopted to the browser add-ons by clicking on “Adopt WebClient profile” in the pop-up.
  • If errors occur while executing password resets, the execution is now blocked for one day.

Fixed in Version

  • Fixed a date format issue at the WebClient that occurred at conversion and validation.
  • Fixed several bugs in the import wizard and implemented additional plausibility checks.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebClient that the user images in the footer were not displayed after saving.
  • Import and export revised. Among other things, separators are now correctly recognized within a text.
  • Fixed several bugs during the import when the logged-in user did not have the required user rights.
  • It is no longer possible to export the WebClient without a defined target path at the AdminClient.
  • Fixed an import issue where the wrong permission templates were applied when creating new organisational units.
  • Fixed a bug at the SSO agent where it was not possible to connect to the offline database in a certain constellation.
  • Fixed a bug in the SSO agent that prevented the login if the user password needed to be changed.
  • Revised the behavior of the quick view at the WebClient in all browsers.
  • Fixed the different behavior when printing at the client and WebClient.
  • Fixed an issue in the browser add-ons showing a correct connection even after rejecting the trust request.
  • Fixed a bug at the WebClient when activating or deactivating all notifications.
  • Fixed a bug at the WebClient that the sorting of tags was changed after emptying the filter.
  • Fixed a bug at the WebClient where the inheritance was not considered correctly when creating organisational units.
  • Fixed an issue at the WebClient that the notification restrictions could not be configured.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the automatic entry (SSO) to stop working after a migration due to an invalid Regex.
  • Fixed an issue when comparing passwords during import if the database already contained an extremely high number of passwords.
  • Errors after completing the migration are displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where tags were attached to just created passwords.
  • Fixed a bug which led to the result that the via email received initial password of the users was not correct when changing the active directory mode from master key to end to end.
  • Fixed an issue that master key users could not be set as restrictive if they had an expiration date.
  • Fixed a sporadic crash when logging in if the user was automatically logged out before.
  • Fixed an issue that caused system tasks to run twice.
  • Fixed an issue in the API when inheriting permissions.
  • Missing scrollbar added when selecting existing databases at the AdminClient, if there are many available databases.
  • Refreshing the database and backup profile view at the AdminClient now works again via F5.
  • Fixed an issue at the browser add-ons that the sessions in server mode were not cleared correctly.
  • Fixed that the advanced settings were disabled when switching pages while creating web applications.
  • Fixed a bug when applying standard permissions templates (predefining rights) when filtering by an organisational unit or using the structure filter.
  • Fixed a LightClient crash when the user setting “Display dashboard on startup” is enabled.

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