The following client versions are compatible with AdminClient Version Hotfix 2

  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 1
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 2
  • Windows Client Version
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 1
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 2
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 1
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 2
  • WebClient Version
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 1
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 2

Hotfix 1

  • A malfunction of the WebClient has been fixed. Under certain circumstances, the another user instead of the logged-on user had been displayed. However, the end-to-end encryption has not been affected. It was neither possible to see passwords of other users.

New since

  • User lock implemented in the WebClient. If the website is reloaded, the tab is reopened or locked manually, the user password has to be entered again.
  • When changing the form while creating new passwords at the WebClient, the already entered values are taken over.
  • Added new user setting for offline synchronization after login.
  • Cross-client logon implemented. This function can be configured in the general settings. When logging on to the client or SSO agent, the user is automatically logged on to other clients.
  • The automatic cleanup of old backups is now available and can be configured at the AdminClient via Backstage.
  • A default form can now be configured. For this, the existing user setting was adapted, which previously only affected the LightClient.
  • Implemented the password generator at the AdminClient, which can be accessed via the Backstage and the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+P.
  • Seal templates are now available at the WebClient.
  • A default organizational unit can now be configured. A new user setting has been added for this.
  • Added new user setting to bypass clipboard history implemented with Windows 10 Version 1809. Values copied by the client (e.g. copy password via ribbon) are no longer written to the history.
  • The browser add-on is now available for Safari on macOS.
  • Added a new report for the password age, which can be used to detect when something was edited last in the password field.
  • Licence warnings (e.g. expiring software maintenance) are now logged by the server and can be forwarded by e-mail.
  • By right-clicking on a user, all data to which this user is authorized can be displayed.
  • It is now possible to configure which desktop notifications should be displayed via user settings.
  • Password Safe supports now FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard).
  • When creating passwords and forms, a logbook entry is now created for each form field. When creating new form fields during password and form editing, a log entry is also created for these fields.
  • Tab system implemented in the WebClient.
  • New theme “Office 2019 Black” added.

Improvements in

  • Light users and system tasks are now displayed in the AdminClient database information.
  • When assigning all rights at the WebClient, the right “Add” is now also set.
  • Form fields are now also displayed hatched at the WebClient if the user does not have read permission for these fields.
  • You can now search for type and event in the Logbook and Notifications module.
  • The list in the Discovery Service module now has a context menu.
  • Favourites are now set and removed evenly during multiple editing.
  • User initials and user colour are now displayed in the user image at the WebClient.
  • At the WebClient the notification icon now leads to the notification configuration.
  • The number of objects selected in the list is now displayed.
  • Revised the error output at the WebClient if no connection can be established.
  • When creating an individual password in the LightClient, the focus is automatically set in the first input field.
  • Implemented a new feature for multiple selection in the WebClient for mobile devices.
  • Added further criteria to the filter for validity date. It is now possible to filter for expired, soon expiring, never expiring and records that expire before any date.
  • Information about the expiring licence software maintenance is now displayed at the WebClient.
  • External links can now be created using the C# and JavaScript API.
  • The security levels can now be configured in the user settings at the WebClient.
  • Further improvements at Active Directory profiles in the WebClient has been made.
  • Added new hotkey “ALT + W” to close tab at the WebClient.

Changes in

  • Roll names can now be up to 256 characters long.
  • WebViewer export is now depends on the user right “Can export HTML WebViewer”.
  • Other responsible users can now also change the Active Directory profile of users or roles.
  • To be able to create data in an organizational unit, it is now necessary that the user has the right “add” on the organizational unit.
  • Domain check for browser add-ons has been revised. The subdomain and the protocol are now checked.
  • Removed the filter group “Permissions template” from the Organizational structure module.
  • Removed the configuration for the host address of the web server from the AdminClient.
  • The setting “Time period after which credentials from connected passwords get checked” can only be configured in the global and password settings.
  • User settings that do not work on the Web are now hidden on the WebClient.
  • When exporting passwords, “Show” is no longer used as an event in the logbook.
  • When duplicating, the creating user is removed from the permissions if the setting “Delete User from the permissions for new objects when the user creating the new object is authorised via a role” is active.
  • Removed filter group “Organizational structure” from the logbook module.
  • If there are activated and deactivated databases in the AdminClient, the active databases are displayed first in the list.
  • Passwords associated with a password reset can no longer be duplicated.
  • The AdminClient now displays the hours as well as the days at the software maintenance.

Fixed with

  • Fixed a crash when opening deleted password policies via the logbook.
  • Data printed via the WebClient are now sorted alphabetically by name.
  • If the export right to a form field is missing when exporting forms, only the field without the right is not exported.
  • The user settings for the permission search are now also taken into account in predefining rights at the WebClient.
  • Fixed a bug causing that the icons in the WebViewer were not displayed properly.
  • Error handling improved when errors occur during execution of the WebViewer export task.
  • Fixed a bug that caused that no default rights template was applied to applications.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebClient that Active Directory synchronization did not show any progress.
  • The WebClient now displays a message when trying to delete the own user.
  • Error handling for Active Directory profiles at the WebClient has been adapted.
  • Fixed a bug during migration that caused wrong names for RDP applications.
  • At the AdminClient the CORS configuration is no longer mandatory.
  • Fixed a bug that opened the WebClient incorrectly when creating passwords via the add-on.
  • It is now possible to set “member” for authorized users and remove member from yourself at the same time.
  • The calendar in the WebClient is now displayed in the correct language.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to set “member” in the permissions if the user is additionally authorized via a role without member.
  • Fixed a migration bug with nested groups.
  • Fixed several bugs during CSV and KeePass import.
  • Fixed a bug in LightClient that caused that some passwords for applications were stored in the wrong organizational unit.
  • Fixed that the colour selection at the WebClient no longer appears outside the screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebClient that prevented the activation of notifications via multiple selection in a certain constellation.
  • The WebClient now updates the number of data in the lists when creating or deleting data.
  • Fixed a crash when removing a user/role in batch processing.
  • Fixed a seal issue that increased the validity period of a broken seal.
  • Fixed a crash on the LightClient when opening a website and the configured default browser is no longer installed.
  • Passwords with an empty password value can be revealed again.
  • During migration from version 7, personal passwords receive their folder name as a tag if the folder is migrated as a tag.
  • The organizational structure filter including sub-organization units can now be filtered negated. This allows searching for data records that are not assigned to an organizational unit.
  • Multifactor configurations can no longer be accessed via the Logbook module.
  • Fixed a bug in the LightClient where the tiles were not displayed correctly when the URL was too long.
  • Fixed a bug in the WebClient where the wizards could not be finished in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed an issue that caused that it was not possible to export data at the WebClient when using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • If the session in the browser add-on has expired, the user is now disconnected from the database when refreshing data.
  • Fixed a CPU usage and performance problem at the SSO Agent.
  • Fixed a bug in the LightClient when revealing passwords with reason.
  • Fixed a crash when revealing passwords using a restrictive user in the LightClient.
  • Fixed an issue that caused that password fields could not be revealed/decrypted when duplicating passwords.

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