The following client versions are compatible with AdminClient Version Hotfix 1

  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 1
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 2
  • Windows Client Version
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 1
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 2
  • Windows Client Version
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 1
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 1
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 2
  • WebClient Version
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 1
  • WebClient Version Hotfix 2
  • Windows Client Version
  • Windows Client Version Hotfix 1

Hotfix 1

If the database timeout is configured via the registry, this change also takes effect while updating the database. If you have problems during activation the database after an update of the AdminClinet, please contact our Supportteam

New since

  • Passwordless authentication is possible via SAML
  • SAML applications can now be learned in the Applications module.
  • Dokumente können nun auch im WebClient vewaltet werden.
  • The application module is now available in the WebClient.
  • New verification mechanism when changing e-mail addresses. This is required for passwordless authentication.

Improvements since

  • WebClient: The “Type” column is now displayed in the notifications.
  • Responsible users of an AD profile are also removed from the authorizations of the roles and users when they are removed.
  • WebClient: Moving Passwords in Multiselect
  • The backup cleanup now displays this correctly if the configuration is incorrect.
  • WPFClient: For RDP sessions with dynamic resolution, the height of the current task line is now taken into account in window mode
  • Add-on: After deleting passwords in the client, the add-on is refreshed.
  • Add-on: Message when trying to copy a sealed password to the clipboard
  • WebCLient: The WebClient Export of Forms and Organizational Units now also creates export log files.
  • WPFClient: For all users the report button is always available in the Backstage at Extras and can be used.
  • WPFClient: The client minimizes itself when capturing an application and maximizes itself again once the application has been captured
  • AdminClient: Now the “OK” button in the license activation will be grayed out if no license was selected
  • When sending exception mails, the mail address of the user from the Active Directory is used as sender, if available

Changes since

  • The WebClient now stores the add-on data in the IndexedDB.
  • The database administrator with permissions to a record can change the permissions of other users if the owner permission is set to the record.
  • AdminClient: Editing of the URL for the WebClient possible
  • In the add-on, the search is now performed with an “AND link”.
  • In WebVierwer special characters (<>, …) are used correctly in the search.
  • Unnecessary server log entries are no longer displayed, or are categorized less strongly.

Fixed since

  • WebClient: Incorrect display when changing a notification (multiple selection) was fixed.
  • Saving organizational units is possible again without the right to add
  • WebClient: A display error in the rights has been fixed.
  • WebClient: The error in the batch processing of rights has been fixed
  • WebClient: When creating a new form, the first form field is editable again and the order can be changed.
  • The database timeout now also applies to a database migration.
  • WebClient: User rights for an imported role are displayed again
  • WebClient: Correct text and title assignment when LightClient tries to open a sealed password.
  • WebClient: The error when editing rights of a new user was fixed.
  • WebClient: The export was revised and now works correctly
  • WebClient: No “http://” is added to the URL in the password if the web page is stored in the password without URL and only with the “web page name”.
  • WebClient: Active Directory Import Wizard no longer loses the selected profile
  • WebClient: password export creates single zip file
  • WebClient: Password tiles are sorted again according to “Reset sorting”.
  • WebClient: Fixed a bug in the license when displaying the days
  • WebClient: Fixed a bug when saving permissions when updating passwords
  • A bug has been fixed which, in rare cases, led to incorrect authorization of AD users.
  • WebClient: Error fixed, when moving passwords in the edit view
  • WebClient: Error fixed, when disclosing password in LightClient.
  • The error in the Apache Config configuration file of the AdminClient has been fixed.
  • WPFClient: Exported SSO applications can be successfully imported again
  • The filter for calculating the number of exports in WebViewer Wizard displays the data correctly again.
  • English message when reactivating user when license is expired is displayed correctly

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