What is the database firewall?

The database firewall enables you to regulate access to the database. A whitelist policy is used for this process. Firewall rules are used to allow access to the database in individual cases.

Activating the firewall

The firewall can be directly activated in the database settings.

Access to the firewall is blocked after it has been activated. Login attempts are directly blocked.

Firewall rules

The rules already set are displayed in the section on the right. The icons and can be used to add or also delete rules. Rules can be edited by double clicking on them.

The following possibilities exist:

  • Access from an individual computer is allowed via the IP address.
  • A Range of multiple IP addresses can also be optionally selected.
  • It is also possible to regulate access using the Computer name.
  • Finally, access can also be allowed for a certain Windows user. For example, the administrator can be allowed access irrespective of the computer being used.
  • The setting Grant access defines whether access is allowed or blocked. This is symbolised by a corresponding icon.

Naturally, the rules can also be combined. It is thus possible e.g that only one defined user can access one database from a certain IP address.

If two or more rules overlap, the rule with the least rights will always be applied. For example, if a rule allows access from a range of IP addresses but another rule blocks a specific computer within this range then the rule blocking the computer is applied.


The functionality of the firewall will be explained in more detail using the following rules:

Approving an IP range (Rule 1)

The first rule in the example allows access from a range of IP addresses from to

Locking a particular computer (Rule 2)

The computer with the IP is within the range defined in Rule 1. Access from this PC is blocked using this rule.

Blocking an individual user (Rule 3)

If you want to block a particular user (perhaps because they have left the company) then this is also possible.

Computer-independent access for a user (Rule 4)

This rule grants access to the administrator. It is irrelevant which computer the administrator uses to log in to the database.

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