The following client versions are compatible with AdminClient version

  • Version
  • Version Hotfix 1

WebAccess is replaced in version by the new WebClient.


  • The WebClient is now available and can be set up via the AdminClient.
  • For system tasks, the server on which the system task should run can now be selected.
  • If “session recording” is activated, a notification asking for confirmation is displayed when connecting to an RDP or SSH application. A logbook entry is created if the notification is confirmed.
  • In the case of changes to permissions for an organisational unit, it is now possible to specify that the changed permissions are also applied to passwords. A new setting has been added for this purpose.
  • A new setting has been added on the client to set the validity of sessions.
  • Password Reset can now be set up for Linux.
  • Notifications can now be configured for specific users or roles.
  • Roles can be completely deleted and restored again.


  • The last synchronisation is now displayed for Active Directory profiles.
  • The behaviour of the system when creating and managing tags has been improved.
  • Automatically added filter elements (e.g. for quick search) can now always be removed.
  • The search function in the Google Chrome and Mozilla addons has been improved for when searching for the precise name of a record.
  • The update check now takes account of the proxy settings for the server.
  • In the backup history on the AdminClient, it is now possible to filter based on the date.
  • Multiple amendments have been made to the progress bar system.
  • The client has been given its own screen keyboard.
  • It is now possible to filter based on the date in backup logs on the AdminClient.
  • The screen keyboard can now be opened on the SSO agent via “Ctrl+Shift+K”.
  • The validation of the field type “Hostname” has been adapted.
  • Masking is now displayed in the password preview.
  • The behaviour of the offline synchronisation for new records when an error occurs has been amended.
  • The synchronisation of Active Directory objects in Masterkey mode has been improved.
  • The performance of the system when displaying memberships in the preview has been improved.
  • The header area now shows whether a notification has been configured for other users.
  • The keyboard shortcut “F12” can be used to reveal and hide passwords.
  • The behaviour of the system when using an empty quick search has been amended.
  • A checkbox has been added to the settings for document extensions to enable documents without extensions.
  • Permitted document extensions are no longer case sensitive.


  • Crash reports are now saved in AppData.
  • When setting up multifactor authorisation, the “write” right is now checked for the current user and the “permissions” right is checked for other users.
  • Server certificates are now encrypted using SHA-512.
  • It is now possible for a user to remove their own “owner right” when no authorise right is held.


  • An error where it was not possible to log into multiple databases on the SSO agent has been fixed.
  • Error when switching to the active instance has been fixed.
  • The user right “Can edit members when using a rights template” is now taken into account in the organisational units wizard.
  • Incorrect view when reducing the permissions for “all” has been fixed.
  • Deleted fields can now be restored via the history.
  • An error during a HTML WebViewer export for the columns user name, password and URL has been fixed.
  • An error where deleted members of roles were added during the Active Directory synchronisation has been fixed.
  • The historical comparison now also works when there is only one historical entry.
  • The entry of date values has been corrected.
  • Missing files have been added to the AdminClient so that backups on separate Password Safe and SQL servers can be created and restored again.
  • Users can now log into the offline client with a combination of domain and user name.
  • An error with sealed passwords where users were granted permissions via roles has been fixed.
  • A timing problem during automatic entry where incorrect data could be entered has been fixed.
  • An error where users could not reveal sealed passwords via roles has been fixed.
  • It is now no longer possible to edit rights while the permissions are being saved.
  • An error when applying masking where the rights key could be removed has been fixed.
  • The client session is now properly disconnected when the operating system is shut down.
  • An error when using “Membership” in the permissions for users has been fixed.
  • When opening a URL via the password list, the browser configured in the password settings will now be taken into account.
  • A crash when the server is switched off and an automatic login has been configured on the SSO agent has been fixed.
  • An error when checking the password where the setting “Number of categories from which characters must be used” has been set to “All” in the rules has been fixed.
  • Rights templates will now be applied to imported organisational units during the Keepass import.
  • The date format for the password list has been corrected for when the client is being used in English.
  • A memory leak on the server has been fixed.
  • An error message when adding new users and the password does not comply with the standard rules is now displayed correctly.
  • Password options for the current user are loaded when they have not been directly configured for the password.
  • Settings for the keyboard shortcut are being correctly taken into account.
  • AdminClient displays all licensed settings when AdminClient is opened for the first time.
  • An error when using a standard rights template where the template was not correctly selected has been fixed.

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