The following client versions are compatible with AdminClient Version

  • Windows Client Version
  • WebClient Version


  • Realtime updates can be configured in the settings of the database.
  • PKCS # 11 settings can now be defined when creating a new database.
  • It is now possible to configure that a reason is required when connecting to a RDP or SSH application. Therefor a new setting (by default active) has been added.
  • API now supports multi-factor authentication at login.
  • It is now possible to compare users of all databases via the “Show database users” feature in the AdminClient.
  • Certificates of a database can now be managed in the “Database” module of the AdminClient.
  • Database certificates can now be backed up via the backup profile.
  • The new user overview of the AdminClient also shows the capacity of the user licenses.


  • Form fields in passwords of type ‘Heading’ can no longer be focused.
  • SSO applications are now started with the configured parameters.
  • The setting “Automatically send login masks” is now also taken into account during submission via template (web application).
  • The “ps8” protocol for external links has been improved.
  • When configuring notifications for multiple objects, the progress bar is now used.
  • Layout of the filter in the WebClient has been changed.
  • At the WebClient the number of activated filter groups will be displayed in the filter icon.
  • Improved the WebClient layout for mobile devices.
  • The columns “Tags” and “Form” are now available in the list view of passwords in the OfflineClient.
  • When changing the form of multiple passwords, the progress bar is now used.
  • It is now prevented that records can be opened after being deleted by other clients.
  • General adjustments when discarding changes were made.
  • The Google Chrome and Firefox browser extensions display more than five passwords.
  • The security level for the customizable window caption setting can now be configured.
  • The URL of applications of type “Web” can now be edited.
  • The WebViewer configuration can be adjusted without having to reenter the password.
  • It is now displayed in the WebViewer export if more passwords exist than can be exported.
  • The file size of WebViewer exports was reduced.
  • The database wizard now checks if the entered database name already exists and prevents the creation of the database if necessary.
  • Improved window size of remote desktop applications.
  • Seal release requests are now sent to users and users of roles, even if the requesting user does not have the read permission on the entities.
  • Improved customization of grid views.
  • Improved buttons in the overview of locked users.
  • Subject Alternative Names are now displayed in the AdminClient in the “Base configuration”.
  • Performance improvement when working with a high number of databases.
  • Environment variables are now supported in the path of offline databases.


  • All documents that are saved simultaneously now receive the same authorizations.
  • The user right “Can manage password form fields” now also determines the creation of new fields.
  • Already existing Active Directory users are no longer imported during migration.
  • Migration now takes the port from the hostname field of version 7, if neither a port field was found, nor a port was specified in the IP address field.
  • The setting for maximum number of records is no longer taken into account for the WebViewer export. Depending on the configured filter, all passwords are now exported.
  • The password policy managament of the AdminClient was moved to the “General settings”.


  • The configuration of the TelNet connection is now displayed in the reading pane of SSH applications.
  • The selected users in the filter groups will be also cleared when clearing the filter in the WebClient.
  • Fixed an issue with the Internet Explorer addon, which sometimes did not open a new webpage via the addon.
  • Fixed an issue that after changing a password the reading pane did not refresh.
  • Fixed an issue that historic entries of passwords were marked as changed even if there were no changes.
  • Offline synchronization has been revised and several bugs have been fixed.
  • The export and import of forms now takes over default values and policy information.
  • The export and import of applications now takes over the gateway server settings.
  • Fixed an offline synchronization issue that could result in duplicate form fields.
  • Autofill works if there are more than five passwords available for a website.
  • Fixed an issue that it was not possible to open form fields by clicking on the button in the notifications and loogbook module.
  • Fixed an issue with web applications that own fields of type ‘Password’ were not filled correctly.
  • Setting “Disconnect database connection due to inactivity after” works correctly in the WebClient if it is changed at runtime.
  • Fixed a bug that Offline synchronization was not possible for Master Key users if an Autologin is configured.
  • When sorting by date fields, empty values are now considered.
  • Added missing texts for Discovery Service.
  • The SSO-Agent now only permits local connections.
  • Fixed an issue during automatic cleanup and export of log entries.
  • RDP applications now always start centered, if the windowed mode is used.
  • Fixed a memory leak during login and logout at the client.
  • Fixed error when restarting the services with the AdminClient.
  • Fixed error regarding the browser autofill when there is no protocol defined in the URL field.
  • An existing SMTP configuration can be reset with the wizard of the AdminClient by removing the mail server address.
  • The SSO-Agent now only responds to requests of the user it is running on.
  • Permissions on forms with multiline password text can be configured again.

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