Database overview v7 and v8

In order to compare the state of the database before and after the migration, the database overview in version 7 already mentioned as part of the preparations for the migration and its equivalent in version 8 can be very helpful. As there are a number of differences in version 8, not all of the values will match. All of the cleanups to the database are also relevant (see the preparation section). The following section describes the individual values in both database overviews.


  • The total number of all records must be the same in versions 7 and 8
  • This includes personal records. The overview always shows the number of all passwords in both versions.


Seals are migrated differently, depending on their form in version 7. For security reasons, the number of sealed records should also be compared.

  • Seals with release mechanisms are migrated in such a way that users / groups with the permissions to issue a release in version 7 are also granted the permissions to issue releases in version 8
  • Seals without release mechanisms are not migrated as seals. In version 7, applying a seal without a release mechanism was used to send a notification when a user viewed the password. A corresponding notification is configured in version 8 when this type of seal mechanism is imported. Although the mechanism is retained, it is no longer displayed as a seal.
  • In version 8, users from Light seals are stored in the seal but are not authorised to issue a release. The record will also not be sealed for this user group. They are thus not affected by the existing seal and can open the record without having to break the seal.
  • The reasons for breaking a seal from version 7 are adopted.
  • However, those users who had the required permissions to edit the seal in version 7 are handled differently. These users are ignored by the migration because all users with the required permissions to release the seal are permitted to edit it in version 8 – they are thus linked to the authorization system from now on (see section on seals).
  • The seal history has become obsolete without replacement


  • In the releases area, there may be deviations after a completed migration because the releases configured via the workflow system are removed. (The workflow system no longer exists in version 8)


  • Locked records are protected in version 8 with password masking
  • The users who were allowed to edit the lock in version 7 are not locked in version 8.

RDP connections

  • Records based on the Remote desktop connection form are split during the migration. Records are created with the login data. The connection data are stored in the corresponding RDP applications. These are then linked directly to the records. You can find further information on this in the Applications section.


  • Applications from version 7 are converted as far as possible. However, it is possible that individual applications have to be re-learned again. However, all web pages should be able to be filled automatically without major problems. After the migration, all users have the right role to read all applications. If this is not desired, the rights must be correspondingly adapted.


Users from version 7 are copied one-to-one. The login for migrated users will differ depending on the type of user and the mode in which it was migrated.

  • Local users will receive a new, randomly generated password by e-mail. This password is used for the initial login.
  • AD users in end-to-end mode get a new password for initial login by e-mail. This is carried out with just the user name without the domain entered in front of it.
  • AD users in Master Key mode can log in directly with their domain password. Here, too, the login is completed without the domain added in front.


  • All groups from version 7 become roles in version 8.
  • In version 8, there are no longer any groups in group nesting – there are only roles in a flat hierarchy. This can result in more roles than there were in version 7.


During migration, some roles are created by default to map the version 7 permissions in version 8. This affects the visibility of

  • Applications
  • User
  • Forms
  • Roles

Custom icons

  • Your own icons will not be imported because they are no longer available in version 8


  • Labels from version 7 become tags in version 8.
  • The colour is maintained
  • If necessary, labels can be used to “tag” data sets before migration to define a specific area

Tasks and messages

  • Tasks and messages from version 7 are not migrated


  • Since there are no folders in version 8, they are imported as organisational units or tags in the migration wizard. Since users in version 7 have personal folders (for example for messages and tasks), the number can vary greatly.

Workflow Events

  • Password Safe version 8 does not currently have any workflow system. Configured events are thus not imported.
  • Notifications configured in the workflow system can now be created using the module of the same name.

System tasks

  • System tasks in version 8 differ significantly from those in version 7. A migration is not possible.

Logbook entries

  • All logbook entries for the topics password, group, document, application, label, user, folder, seal templates, seal and form are imported and displayed.


  • Only forms that have a password assigned to them are imported. The number may therefore differ.


  • All documents from version 7 are migrated
  • The folder in which the document was located is converted into a tag
  • Any parent folders are ignored
  • The rights to documents are copied
  • You can link to records in the footer of the reading pane of ​​the record

External links

  • External links are not migrated.

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