Compatible client and WebAccess versions

This version is unfortunately not backwards compatible. Therefore, a simultaneous update of the AdminClient, all clients and WebAccess is absolutely necessary.


  • Switching between the filter and structure is now possible.
  • Applications can now be exported.
  • New setting added to hide deleted users or roles in the permissions.
  • Folders selected as tags will now be migrated as tag templates during the migration.
  • It is now possible to filter based on members of a role in the add dialogue for permissions.
  • Changes to a form can now be applied to existing data via a setting.
  • New user rights for adding seals, adding password masking and managing form fields for passwords have been added.
  • It can now be defined in the migration that folder names are adopted in the description of the record.
  • Installation parameters for the client setup can now be transferred. This enables the Internet Explorer extension and the automatic startup for the SSO agent to be deactivated.
  • Function menus have been added via which certain action can be carried out on form fields.
  • New field type “Hostname” added. If no IP address or hostname is saved for an application, the field type “Hostname” from the password is now used for establishing the connection.
  • It is now possible to deactivate the SSO agent and the offline client in the setup.
  • The automatic offline synchronization can now be deactivated via a setting. In addition, a further setting has been added with which a synchronization can be defined.
  • A new setting can now be used to define which document extensions (file endings) are permitted.
  • If the connection to the server is not trusted, the SSL certificate for the server can now be opened and imported during the login process.
  • A new filter group now makes it possible to filter objects according to whether they contain a tag or not.
  • A status bar is now displayed on the client if an older version is being operated than the server.
  • It is now possible to restart services via the AdminClient.
  • Passwords, documents and roles can now be printed out. The “print” right is checked during this process.
  • The window caption for the application can now be configured using various parameters (e.g. Version, Edition).
  • A new filter group for rights templates has been added.
  • New user rights added to completely delete users or organisational units.
  • A rights filter can now be generated in permissions view.
  • A new filter group for records with password masking has been added.
  • Settings such as autofill, autosubmit or the default browser can now be configured for a password.
  • It is now possible when moving records to apply predefined rights or rights inheritance.
  • The document folder from version 7 can now be added as an organisational unit during the migration.


  • Significant improvement in performance for tabs (opening, loading, closing)
  • The gallery for the clipboard can now be configured in the settings.
  • Multiple improvements made to the user interface for the client.
  • Improvements made to the synchronization in offline mode.
  • The “Export”- right is now being correctly observed for all types of exports.
  • Tag templates are now also being observed for KeepAss and CSV imports.
  • Sorting in the organisational structure has been revised.
  • User passwords can now be reset in list view also using multiple selections via the ribbon or a right mouse click.
  • Larger reports are now concluded quicker.
  • When importing users via an Active Directory import, the user’s add right is now checked.
  • In Active Directory profiles, alternative domain names can now be defined.
  • Adding and deleting a multifactor authentication is now logged (logbook).
  • The owner right can now no longer be granted to “all”.
  • The setup shortcuts now remain in place after an update and are only removed after a deinstallation.
  • When exporting passwords, the only time password fields are not exported is when the password is sealed or masked.
  • Objects imported from Active directory in Master Key mode can now be moved and users can be applied with restrictions.
  • Members can now be set using multiple selections.
  • Active Directory profiles that are still linked to deleted Active Directory objects can now no longer be deleted.
  • Improvement to the client performance implemented.
  • Search folders are now also displayed during the migration. These are deactivated by default.
  • During the migration, only fields with the names “Host”, “Hostname”, “Computer” and Computername” with field type “Hostname” are migrated.
  • The error messages for the migration have been improved in certain cases.
  • Sealed records are now also exported for the WebViewer if the user has the permissions to view the password.
  • In the event of a migration error, only the path where the corresponding log was saved can be directly opened.
  • The progress bar for the saving of permissions has been improved.
  • The document folder is now saved hierarchically as a tag during the migration.
  • All clients now display a splash screen on startup.
  • Notifications are now created for issued seal releases.
  • A Gateway server can now be configured for RDP applications.
  • Notifications can now also be configured using multiple selections.
  • Existing tags can now be attached for CSV and KeePass imports.
  • Entry using key combinations in the password list has been improved.
  • A note now appears when saving permissions if they are inherited or overwritten.
  • Some protective mechanisms have been added so that the server key can no longer be deleted.
  • MARS (Multiple Active Result Sets) can now be configured on the AdminClient for each database.


  • The “write” right is now required to configure notifications for other users.
  • If the setting “Automatically use last filter” has been deactivated, list view will now be loaded without results for the module.
  • If a field is saved as an organisational unit in the assignment for CSV or KeePass imports, a new organisational unit is now created and the password is assigned to it.
  • When importing Active Directory users in end-to-end mode, the initial user password is now sent by email as long as the user has saved an email address and a SMT server has been configured.
  • Certificates generated by the basic configuration are now valid until 31.12.9999.
  • The “autofill” and “autosubmit” options for the browser add-on are now configured in the settings for the client.
  • The last status for “inheritance” and “overwriting” is now no longer saved. “Inheritance” is now activated by default for passwords and forms and can only be deactivated with the corresponding user right. Both functions are now always displayed for organisational units.
  • Permissions for local or Active Directory organisational units are now only inherited by organisational units of the same type. Whether the system is dealing with local organisational units or the same Active Directory profile is now checked.


  • An error during the reimport of Active Directory objects has been fixed.
  • An error where a script is used to enter sealed passwords has been fixed.
  • The correct text for a login via the API is now displayed in the session list.
  • Nested group memberships are now correctly disbanded during the migration.
  • Incorrect behaviour when using the setting “Close tab after discarding” has been fixed.
  • A crash when scrolling through the password list has been fixed.
  • An error in scaling and full screen mode for RDP applications has been fixed.
  • An error in the history of migrated records has been fixed.
  • An error in the migration of passwords with a &”-character in a field caption has been fixed.
  • An error when moving passwords to the registered user has been fixed.
  • An error where databases with a minus in the name could not be integrated has been fixed.
  • An error in the WebViewer export, in which the remaining content of the field after certain characters (e.g. “<”) was not exported, has been fixed.
  • An error when starting the Firefox add-on when the agent started after the browser has been fixed.
  • An error with URLs with more than 12,000 characters has been fixed.
  • When the windows DPI settings are amended, the user interface for the Internet Explorer add-on is no longer incorrectly displayed.
  • All field types such as e.g. date and list are now correctly exported in the password export.

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